WTI has a documented track record of favorable feedback from government, non-profit and commercial clients alike.

“As an IT professional and manager for the Department of State’s Office of Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, I have had the pleasure of working with WTI for about eight years on numerous web development projects. They have demonstrated advanced technical expertise, willingness and ability to innovate and a strong interest in working with us to resolve our many IT challenges. They have successfully completed development projects to which they were assigned, and have also played a leadership role in helping to pick up development projects that had fallen behind schedule. WTI understand what it means to be a partner with its clients, and they deliver. They are an agile small business and I would highly recommend them to any organization for IT professional services.”

Department of State, Office of Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs

“WTI provides exceptional service on two major initiatives at DISA. WTI’s work to identify, assess, and integrate next-generation technology into the DoD enterprise enables rapid deployment of piloted technology to support war fighter requirements. WTI’s subject matter expertise integrating DoD networks in support of advanced concepts, demonstrations, exercises and contingencies significantly contributes to a cloud computing infrastructure platform and information assurance procedures to operate an accredited environment. The DISA CTO office recognized WTI with a DISA coin for their outstanding performance.”

Defense Information Systems Agency

“…our new site has significantly changed how we interact with our many audiences. Having a page for each audience allows and encourages each visitor to follow the events that affect them–without wading through data/information that does not directly impact them. And they are able to send us notes and information pertaining to that page–it’s great! As we are now able to update the pages daily, we are truly offering real time information–and our world changes frequently so this is very important.
Thank you for the attention your team provided our site. We appreciate your work as it has made our work easier!”

BRAC Transition Center, Arlington County Economic Development

“We have worked with WTI on several projects and have been extremely satisfied with their ability to provide top-notch technical resources for our projects. On a recent project they provided expert Drupal resources that were able to integrate easily with our team and the customer’s stakeholders.”

Carousel30, Chief Operating Officer

“We’ve had the pleasure of working with WTI Technologies as our primary technology partner for over five years. They have played a vital part in the growth of our website to one of the most authoritative and respected sources in the world on the subject of quality improvement for HIV/AIDS healthcare providers, and have provided expert and caring service through the course of several major IT initiatives.
Specifically, WTI’s technology consultants have developed a number of cutting edge, custom web resources for us that facilitate the raising of the quality of care for individuals with HIV/AIDS. For example, the Quality Academy, which contains dozens of multi-media learning tutorials in both English and Spanish, is terrific, money saving training tool. The Document Search Application gives a comprehensive approach for quickly finding quality improvement resources based on the searcher’s specific needs. Most recently, WTI worked with us from requirements gathering through development and deployment of a custom web application that has been adopted for multiple New York State AIDS Institute programs and for use by one national organization.
WTI has proven time and again that they care about us, our goals, and are dedicated to giving us technology tools that make us more effective at what we do: slowing the spread of a deadly disease.”

New York State, Department of Health, Program Manager, National Quality Center

“We have had the pleasure of working with WTI for the past several years, and have had an excellent experience from the outset.
The WTI team has demonstrated in-depth technical knowledge in working with us to build a custom application that is now an essential component to day-to-day operations. WTI has consistently provided excellent customer service to address the office’s individual needs, and to serve as the experts on our custom application.
We rely heavily on WTI to complete ongoing changes to the system to meet the end user’s requirements, and the response has always been timely and professional. They have accommodated our many change requests without delay, and possess the high level of technical knowledge and skill to deliver a product that consistently exceeds our expectations.”

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Earned Top Ratings from Federal Government Evaluators

On multiple contracts, government evaluators have consistently rated WTI’s performance from Very Good to Exceptional overall on Contractor Past Performance Evaluations, as documented in the Federal Government’s Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS.)
Granted Multiple Certificates of Appreciation
The Department of State issued WTI developers multiple certificates of appreciation in recognition of outstanding technical expertise on four separate program initiatives.
Recipient of DISA COIN
The DISA Chief Technology Officer recognized WTI personnel with a DISA coin for outstanding performance.
Contributed to Customer Accolades
The mobile news platform WTI helped develop across components of the BBG – now used globally– was named a finalist for the “Best Mobile Publishing Product or Service” in the GSM Association (GSMA) 2014 Global Mobile Awards.