Cindy Ford

Cindy Ford is a corporate development executive with a 20+ year proven track record leading information technology companies which serve the public sector. Ms. Ford began her government technology career as one of the first employees of a Fortune 500 and Top 50 Government contractor and contributed to its growth and a successful public offering during her tenure. Leveraging this experience, Ms. Ford went on to hold progressively more responsible management positions in diversified technology companies that offered solutions spanning a spectrum of software and service solutions – from financial management to automation to wireless telecommunications. From this real-world IT experience, Ms. Ford developed a deep understanding not only of emerging technology but more importantly, the need to retain talented staff and remain agile in a constantly changing IT landscape.

In 2002, Ms. Ford joined Webworld (now also known as WTI) and helped shepherd its growth from a primarily commercial services provider to a Federal Government contractor, expanding its portfolio of services. In 2010, Ms. Ford became owner of the company and has since grown WTI to expand its offerings to add full lifecycle IT data management solutions. Ms. Ford actively manages all of WTI’s business operations that align with strategic corporate goals and annual objectives to include adherence to industry CMMI processes and procedures, compliance and security matters, quality of service and management of resources.