How can Focus Groups assist you with your
technology projects?

As quickly as technology changes, our customers’ views and habits change as well. Keeping up with public opinion on your brand or initiative can be challenging. The Internet is a great research tool, but can only take you so far when dealing with a specific group or organization’s opinions or feelings about a particular subject. Whether you have an existing application or website that needs to be updated, or are launching a new project, you may feel uncertain about your users or audience’s perceptions to guide your strategy or direction. We recommend using focus groups as a solution to help you navigate with more certainty. A focus group is a small group of people pre-selected by you and brought together in a moderated forum to discuss their ideas, attitudes, feelings and opinions about a particular subject. Properly done, focus groups can provide more meaningful insight and assist you in developing a clearer strategy for technology initiatives. They are relatively quick and easy to set up and execute with far reaching value to the organization.

Our customer approached us to redesign their website with a completely new approach to their message and their audience. The site was about six years old and ready for not only updated technology, but also new messaging and direction. We facilitated their executive team meeting to review and confirm their business objectives as well as current trends and best practices in website development. By clearly defining their business objectives for the site, it was recognized that the site would need to be revamped. They wanted to find out from their diverse business audiences what web and social media practices helped them in making business decisions, as well as finding out how the current website was being utilized.

WTI assisted in the development of their Focus Group planning and conducted four Focus Groups which led to a clear direction for the website redesign process.

When you have applications, automated business processes, intranets or public websites that are outdated or ineffective, consider Focus Groups as your first step to guiding your technology and process direction. By using a third party to assist in the development and execution of focus groups, you will ensure there is no bias or fixed views on the direction or outcome. You can find additional information about Focus Groups for government programs at

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WTI launches new website using Responsive Web Design

Individuals are approaching information and digital productivity in a new way. Just as social media channels are becoming as important as websites for getting news and information, people are also using mobile devices more often than not for daily digital functions such as transferring funds, booking travel, or posting on Facebook. With this change in user habits, more and more websites are being developed using Responsive Web Design (RWD). Wikipedia defines RWD as “an approach to web design in which a site is crafted to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones).”


Our site was ready for a face lift, so we gave the new WTI site a complete overhaul with a new look, enhanced content, and a “What’s New” blog using a mobile friendly approach.Take a look around and let us know what you think. Contact us to discuss your web application or website enhancement needs.

WTI announces partnership with HootSuite


WTI is an SBA-certified 8(a) SDB and woman-owned small business providing consulting services focused on improving business processes and efficiencies through innovative technology solutions. We are always looking for new and innovative technologies that will assist our customers in improving their efficiencies. WTI is excited to announce that we have teamed up with HootSuite as an Enterprise Solutions partner to provide our customers with full service web and social media solutions.
HootSuite is the leading social media engagement platform with over 5 million users worldwide. They offer large companies and government customers with expansive enterprise features and functionality at an economical price point.Today, people are reaching out in all of different ways through multiple social channels including Twitter, Facebook, and more. And governments are no different. Smart agencies, task forces and departments are effectively utilizing the same efficient and inexpensive communications tools which “regular folks” use for socializing with friends. Who’d have predicted that one day tools like Twitter would play a role in international diplomacy as well as delivering basic services and information? The HootSuite dashboard allows team members to centralize, streamline and collaborate on social media engagement.

With the Enterprise Edition of HootSuite social media engagement platform, your team will be able to collaborate and expand your social media activities. Some of the benefits include:

This empowering platform will provide the tools you need to reduce time and effort while increasing social media productivity across your enterprise. Contact us to set up a demonstration of the Enterprise Solution for your company or agency!



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