Intelligence, LLC (INTELLIGENCE) a small business joint venture formed by majority partner, Webworld Technologies, Inc. (WTI), is pleased to announce it has been awarded the Health and Human Services Department’s (HHS) $49M Intelligent Automation/Artificial Intelligence IDIQ contract.

“WTI is eager to embrace this important opportunity and pave the way in AI and related technologies as it becomes the future for agency operations. With key partners like American Institute of Artificial Intelligence and others, we are ready today to respond to task orders.” – TK Gonsalves, President Federal WTI

The Program Support Center, a shared services agency within HHS, recently awarded the Intelligent Automation/Artificial Intelligence, or IAAI, contract vehicle. The five-year, $49 million contract vehicle will offer a host of automation and AI technologies and support services, including: robotic process automation, machine and supervised learning and machine vision.

The ten functional areas covered under this contract vehicle, that will be available for all agencies looking for AI solutions, are: applied ideation and design support, engineering and process engineering support, systems design, engineering, prototyping and model making support, test and evaluation, quality assurance, user training, logistics, operations and maintenance support. These IAAI solutions are along the lines of block-chain/distributive ledger technology, micro-services, machine learning, natural language processing, and robotic process automation.

“PSC believes that IAAI solutions will be doing everything from reducing backlog and cutting costs to performing functions; such as predicting fraudulent transactions and identifying critical suspects via facial recognition, which are considered difficult for an individual to complete on their own.” – PSC